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Power of Social Media

I enjoyed reading Jamie Forrest’s post about the Power of Social Media.  I have a similar story. While walking at the Nature Center where I work, I found and photographed a flower with which I was unfamiliar.  I took it … Continue reading

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You Got That Right! (But…)

No one single tool will accomplish all the goals that I have for communicating with my students. – Danielle Stinson (link) Wow.  Did that one sentence resonate with me!  My dilemma is not communication with students, but communication with a … Continue reading

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Online Learning

This post is inspired by Linda’s post which included a link to an interview with Will Richardson. Linda asked us to describe one of our student-centered learning experiences.  Ever the over-achiever, I will describe two: 1 – Becoming a Blogger … Continue reading

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My “Final” Project

I find the concept of a “final” project amusing.  This class has opened my eyes to sooooo many tools and ways of using the internet that it will take me months… years!… to explore.  This isn’t a “final” project… just … Continue reading

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Online Identities

When a friend suggesed back in 2007 that I should write a blog, I scoffed and said, “Me?  I don’t have anything to say!”  Still, I was intrigued by the concept of blogging.  I tried a couple of different platforms, … Continue reading

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Makin’ Movies

Even though I am a non-credit student auditing this class, I’m trying to complete the assignments given to the credit students.  One such assignment was to make an introduction “video”. My little point-and-shoot camera has a video mode.  I knew … Continue reading

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OK.  Whew. Last fall when I took a digital photography class, our teacher encouraged us to find some way to record our learning and reflect on it, etc…  I (of course) chose a blog.  It was so fun for me … Continue reading

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