About This Blog

So, you know how you can sit down at the computer and connect to the internet and suddenly 3 hours of your life are gone and you’re not sure where they went?

During one such session, I found myself on Dr. Alec Couros’ site which explains the notion of “Open Education.”

I have always been fascinated by how people learn…  And I’ve always been amazed at how much my kids are online, yet how little they seem to understand the power of the internet.  This course looked like it might address both learning and technology in new ways that I have not considered… so…

The course was just about to begin…  I’d be leaving for a conference in a day or two, but I figured I could catch up when I got back…

And here I am… Trying to catch up.  Trying to absorb so much new knowledge it is at times overwhelming…  I want to participate… to contribute… but I may have only enough energy to be a lurker this time around…  We shall see.


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