About Me

I am…

  • a program director at a nature center
  • a naturalist
  • a photographer
  • a blogaholic
  • a foodie
  • a hiker and backpacker
  • a snow-shoer and cross country skiier
  • addicted to learning
  • cynical about schooling
  • in love with technology
  • suspicious of technology
  • intensely introspective

I blog at…

…among other places.

Formal Schooling…

My Work…

  • I worked for 18 years teaching computer science and math at Jamestown Community College.  During much of this time, my position was split between the credit side and the non-credit side.  The non-credit side also offered me opportunities to write customized database applications for business and government.
  • Since October of 1998, I have been program director at the Audubon Center & Sanctuary.  My students range in age from 3 to 93+.  I oversee a staff of 3 paid naturalists and a whole bunch of volunteers.

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