My “Final” Project

I find the concept of a “final” project amusing.  This class has opened my eyes to sooooo many tools and ways of using the internet that it will take me months… years!… to explore.  This isn’t a “final” project… just one project of many that are bound to come out of this class!

JAS Projects Wiki:
I’m trying to get the staff at Jamestown Audubon to use this space to record progress on various collaborative projects.  They have been trying to use a regualr white board, but I just think this space is so much more useful!  If they find books or products that might work for one of the new programs they are developing, they could provide links right here.

High Impact Programs Wiki:
I’ve also created a spin-off wiki to address one specific project we are working on that may be fundable via a grant.  I’ve created pages for each of the key elements of a grant and am hoping I can get my staff to look at it and contribute their ideas directly to the space.

These aren’t my “final” projects!  This is just the beginning!

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